Moritz Nachtschatt grew up in Vienna but with his mom being from Innsbruck, he always spent a lot of time in the mountains surrounding the Innsbruck area. He started taking pictures on family vacations and later on during vacations with friends.

Until 2014 he never thought of the possibility of being a professional photographer. In 2014 he finally had the guts to quit his studies of biotechnology  and to start a professional photography course. Together with his friend Marjan Kusebauch he founded the company KusebauchNachtschatt in mid 2015. Also in 2015 he started at Graphische Vienna which he graduated in 2017. The only thing that didn’t change over the years, was his love for mountains.

Moritz was always fascinated by photos that were able to tell stories, whether it was a single picture or a whole series. Especially details, structures, minimalism and symmetry were things that influenced him a lot. Some of his idols included Ansel Adams, Adam Hinton, John G. Zimmerman or Lorenz Holder.

He’s now specialized in photography with natural light. Mainly advertising, landscape, sports, documentary and press photography but he’ll do anything to never stop learning and widen his horizon.

Exhibitions & publications

“A Retrospective Of Progress”, Galerie Lumina Wien 2017

“Horizonte Zingst”, Umweltfotofestival Zingst Norddeutschland 2017

“Istanbul” Schaufenster Denis, Grundsteingasse Wien 2016

“Leben in Wien – Unten, oben und am hinteren Ende” together with Karl Czasny, vav, 2016